Monday, July 25, 2011

Gran and Poppy's Summer Visit!

Yay for more visitors! Gran and Poppy came for a visit. Addyson and I rode the train to the airport to surprise them. They thought they were just going to take a cab and come to our apartment. But, SURPRISE. We were there when they landed. SO FUN!
We had such a fun time while they were here. The 12 days went by WAY too fast. We went to the temple behind our house, the park, the zoo, the grocery store everyday!, a few baseball games, and then we got to take them to Tokyo and watch a couple of games before they flew out. Addyson loved every minute of it...and so did I! It's hard being so far away. They came bearing lots of goodies and I mean LOTS. I won't post the picture of all the food they brought. It's kind of embarassing. Seriously. Here are some pics of their visit.
They say they aren't coming back to Japan, but we will see if they can go four months without seeing Addyson. Micah and I know they don't care if they see us! HA! The four months will fly by...or that's what I'm telling myself.

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