Friday, April 29, 2011

Cheering on Daddy

Addyson asks everyday if we are going to the ball game. She absolutely loves going to the ball park. I don't know if it's because we get to see Daddy or because there is a playground in center field. Every time the crowd gets excited, which is pretty much the whole time, she yells "Yeah. Daddy hit a homerun." I wish! HA! Just had to post a few pics of her dressed and ready to go. She knows that her daddy plays baseball and knows to point at first base. Today we were at the park behind our house and she told some kids, who have no idea what's she saying, "My daddy not here. He plays baseball." Poor thing. She already knows if Daddy's not with us, he's at the ball park. That's our life.

Easter in Japan

We FINALLY got to spend Easter Sunday together in church. In the 8 years we've been married we've never gotten to do this because of baseball. I don't know how many Easter's we have even actually spent together since we've been married. Baseball doesn't honor holidays! We asked The Murton's if there was an English speaking Christian church in Kobe. There was! Micah luckily had a night game so we got dressed, got in a cab and got to church by 9:30. Addyson went into the nursery without whimpering. I haven't been away from her for any length of time since we've been in Japan so I was a little worried. I think she was so happy to be able to play it didn't matter. We took pictures but had to take two different ones since it was just the three of us!
Since we were on a road trip for Easter, we celebrated when we got back to Sapporo. We dyed eggs, hunted them, and the Easter Bunny made his delivery. Easter is not really celebrated in Japan, since only 1% of the population are Christians, so the Easter Bunny had some slim pickings to choose from, especially since everything is in Japanese. He did manage to get some gymboree bubbles! :)

Road Trip to Kobe!

We went with Micah on another road trip to Kobe, Japan. It's a beautiful city. The weather didn't cooperate very well, but we did have one beautiful day that we got to go to the zoo. We also had a visitor. Mr. James Speer, from Carthage, came to visit on his way home from doing a Christian camp in the Philippines. We were SOOOO glad to see a familiar face from back home. He got to see Micah play two games and we all got to ride a gondola above an herb garden. It was beautiful.
On Good Friday, we got to see our friends, Matt and Stefani Murton and their two kids Micah and Macie. It's been almost 2 years since we last saw each other. Micah and Matt played together in the Cubs organization. They are so special to us. Like Stefani said on her blog "In baseball you meet some families that you will keep in touch with forever and they are one of those families!!" we feel the same way. When we were throwing the idea around about coming to Japan, Stefani is the first person I talked to. They played here last year so I knew I could trust her with all my questions and concerns. Of course, the team we are on is as far north in Japan as you can get and they are in southern Japan! What luck! :) HA! That's baseball for you! The kids had fun playing together at lunch and we hope to see them again soon!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Off Day!

Yay for Japan Baseball! They have tons of off days, unlike the states, especially in minor league baseball. Micah has at least one every week and sometimes two. Some are used as travel days but some we are actually home and get to spend it together. Thursday Micah had an off day so we took the train to a mall that had an indoor kids pay area. It's two stories of fun for kids. Addyson has a blast. It's very easy to get to, so when Micah is on the road and Addyson and I are here alone, we will be frequenting it I'm sure. Poor thing keeps asking all the Japanese children, "What's your name?" They just look at her like she's crazy because they have no idea what she's saying. She thinks they are just ignoring her. She then says, "Ok" and moves on. HA!
We played for a while, then came home for a nap. For dinner we tried a Japanese steakhouse that is not too far from our apartment. One of Micah's Japanese teammates said it was his favorite. A chef cooks in front of you like a Japanese steakhouse in the states, but you don't get near as much food, which is a good thing! We always leave Shogun's feeling so full. Addyson was so good and kept telling the chef "I love you." Not sure why. I guess she REALLY enjoyed his fried rice. It was hilarious. He said it made his night!
We weren't sure the menu was in English or if anyone could speak English there, so our interpeter, Hide, came over and read us the menu online. He had other plans so he couldn't go with us that night. He called the Steakhouse and ordered for us over the phone before we got there. HA! So different. When we got there our chef spoke a little English. He asked us where we were from and when we told him Texas I thought he was going to die. His response, "REAL LIVE COWBOYS?! I've never met real live cowboys." Oh goodness. All we could do was laugh. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Opening Night of Baseball

Tuesday was the opening night of the official season. FINALLY! They pushed it back because of the earthquake and tsunami. We were so excited to go to the game and get the season started. That means we are closer to the off season, right?!! I know, I know. But it's so true! Games here in Japan are very different than in the states. First off, we don't know a word the announcers are saying for 9 innings. Crazy. Practically every person in the stadium has a pair of sticks that they hit together for EVERY BATTER for out team. They have chants for every batter also as they are banging these sticks. Interesting. In the outfield there is a band that has horns and drums that they play during our at bats also. The whole stadium is into the game. It's pretty cool. Micah is 4 for 8 with a homer so Japan baseball has been nice to him so far. We hope it continues. Here are a few pictures from opening night!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Maruyama Zoo

There is a zoo that is about a 10 to 15 min. walk from our apartment. So, we went today with our friends before Micah had to go to the field for practice. Most of the snow is melted on the sidewalks and walkways so it wasn't too bad getting there. It was a "tad" bit warmer so it was a perfect day for the zoo. We were so close to most of the animals. So different than the states. Addyson of course loved it. It cost 600 yen (about $6.00) to go one time, or 1000 yen (about $10.00) for a year pass. So, we bought the pass and might go every day since it's so close. We may get to know the animals REALLY WELL. Here are a few pics!

Road Trip to Fukuoka!

We went to Fukuoka on Daddy's first road trip since we've been here. We were so excited because they had a Mexican food restaurant and a Hard Rock Cafe! WHOOHOO! We have nothing like that in Sapporo, so we were so happy to eat something that reminded us of "home." Addyson ate the cheese quesadilla like someone was going to take it from her. Ha! Yay for quesadillas and yay for friends! This is Addyson's friend Teagan. They LOVE each other. So funny. Here the girls are at Hard Rock Cafe! You can see their excitement! I was just as excited, if not more!
One night when Micah was finished with the game, we went BACK to Hard Rock and ate and then let Addyson play in a play area that was in an arcade. So cool. Wish the states had stuff like this for kids. The arcade is in the mall, so it's perfect for moms, dads, and kids! Micah and Addyson played, and I went to GAP. YEAH!Our last night in Fukuoka, we went to Canal City and walked around the mall, ate Chinese food, and rode the Carousel. So fun.
We flew out yesterday about noon. Addyson didn't nap on the plane so she was exhausted last night. Micah went to lay her down and decided to lay her in the bed with him. In 15 minutes he came to get me and this was how Addyson was. Anyone that knows us, knows that Addyson has to be in her bed to fall asleep by herself because if she's with us in the bed she thinks it's play time! Not last night! The road trip wore her out!