Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goodbye Gran and Poppy...Hello Chocolate Factory

Gran and Poppy left us this morning heading back to the good ole' USA. We will miss them terribly! We lived in some close quarters the last week and a half but wouldn't change it for the world. They don't know how much we will miss them! Thanks for flying here with us and helping get our place to feel more like a "home." We love you both!!!!!

As Gran and Poppy got in the cab headed to the airport (yes, the tears were flowing), we headed to the Chocolate Factory. Micah had an off day so we decided to explore a little.
There is a cookie that is made here in Sapporo and they famous for it. They make them with a chocolate center and also a white chocolate center. When Micah found out for sure he was going to come play in Sapporo, they sent us some. They weren't my favorite, but now I like them! I guess I don't have a choice. We went and saw the factory today and watched them make them. It was neat and of course we came home with some!

Addyson and Daddy are napping and I'm blogging. Fun stuff! I did find a blender yesterday so going to make taco salad tonight and homemade hot sauce. I can't wait! Yum!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Some new things

Daddy had this for Addyson when we arrived. Her first Kimono. I don't think that's the right word for this particular outfit, but it works for me! It's too cold to wear it outside but it we can wear it inside. It snowed pretty much all day yesterday. It's beautiful, but it can stop now. It makes it so cold to walk anywhere.

We went to Toys R Us yesterday and got Addyson a few new toys to play with. We didn't ship many things because it's so expensive. Poppy and Gran are still here and bought her this tent. She loves it! It's a bake shop. Here's a pic of her playing in it.

One more thing...the portion sizes here are SO SMALL. When we buy a loaf of bread it comes with ten slices, the hamburger meat is so tiny, and the bacon has six slices in it! Here are some pics of the tomatoes we bought and the lunch meat! Poppy and Gran leave in 2 days. We will miss them!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Game in Japan!

We went to our first Japanese baseball game yesterday! WOW! We don't know a word they are saying over the speakers. We got LOTS of stares, considering we were the only Americans in the entire stadium that seats 40,000 people. The games are so different. Everyone has these noise clapper things. Addyson already has some pink ones of course. She had more fun using them as binoculars than hitting them together. When the players come up to bat the fans have a saying for each one and the whole stadium yells or sings it. Yesterday Micah's was, Homerun Homerun Hoffpawa! Haha. So funny. Leaving you with a few pics of our first game!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sayonara USA!

We left Wednesday, America time and landed Thursday evening Japan time. Daddy met us at the airport in Tokyo. We had about a 2 hour layover and flew to Sapporo. Addyson was so excited to see her Daddy. She ran into his arms and stayed there for a while! While waiting for our flight so Sapporo, Micah's interpreter, Hide (HeeDay) told us they just said we might not could land in Sapporo because of a blizzard. WHAT? But, thankfully we landed on time and got to our apartment.
Everything is SO different here. We don't have an oven or a dryer. We have to separate our trash into 4 different bins. The food comes in very small packaging. Only 6 slices of bacon in a package. Addyson could eat nearly 6 pieces every morning for breakfast. HA! We have a grocery store right next to our apartment that also has some eating places and some stores in it. We've been sticking to eating KFC and Pizza Hut though! I bought a broom and it looks like a duster. It's about as long as a ruler! I'll break my back trying to sweep. Guess I don't have to sweep, right?!

Micah has his first game that we will get to see today at 4. It's a practice game because they have pushed the start of the season back until April 12 due to all the devastation here. We are far away from everything and feel very safe in Sapporo. Thanks for all the prayers. I'll leave you with a few pictures we've taken so far. Miss and love everyone!!