Friday, March 25, 2011

Some new things

Daddy had this for Addyson when we arrived. Her first Kimono. I don't think that's the right word for this particular outfit, but it works for me! It's too cold to wear it outside but it we can wear it inside. It snowed pretty much all day yesterday. It's beautiful, but it can stop now. It makes it so cold to walk anywhere.

We went to Toys R Us yesterday and got Addyson a few new toys to play with. We didn't ship many things because it's so expensive. Poppy and Gran are still here and bought her this tent. She loves it! It's a bake shop. Here's a pic of her playing in it.

One more thing...the portion sizes here are SO SMALL. When we buy a loaf of bread it comes with ten slices, the hamburger meat is so tiny, and the bacon has six slices in it! Here are some pics of the tomatoes we bought and the lunch meat! Poppy and Gran leave in 2 days. We will miss them!


  1. Ryne and I were waiting for Addy in her Kimono. She is something else!!!! Ryne was talking about a player the other day. He said he was the opposite of Micah. So BIG compliment to Micah but really bad for the guy he was telling me about. He told the guys to hussle in and out of dugout. The player didn't, he said Micah would of run in the dugout!!!!!! Thanks for the update, I guess they just don't know how to eat, right like us Americans!!! Love you all. Margaret and RYne

  2. Y'all are so sweet. Micah is a hustler for sure. He's having a ball here but missing his teammates and coaches. Y'all will never know how special y'all are to us. Words can't express! How's it going on FL? Love y'all!