Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nana comes to Sapporo!

After spending a few days in Tokyo, we all flew back to Sapporo with Nana in tow. We were excited to get her here to see our place, etc. Sapporo is very different than Tokyo. Less crowded and much slower paced. Thank goodness. Tokyo is crazy. Since we've been back in Sapporo we have gone to the zoo, the indoor playground, Sapporo Station to shop, baseball games of course, and a Korean BBQ place (you cook your own food at a grill in the center of your table.) We also rode a horse carriage around downtown Sapporo. Addyson had a ball. It's been fun showing Jane Japan. She leaves Friday headed to America and Addyson and I fly to meet Micah in Hiroshima. We've loved having her here! Going to miss her!


We got to spend some time in Tokyo for the first time since being in Japan. I was worried about the aftershocks from the earthquake. Micah's interpreter said we had probably 3 of them while we were there and I didn't feel one...YAY! Must have been sleeping soundly. Jane, Micah's mom, met us in Tokyo. We were so happy to see her and so was Addyson! We also got to see a family friend, Michele Banks Ebert, and her family. They live on the outskirts of Tokyo on an army base. I haven't seen her in years, and it took coming to Japan to get to! The kids had fun playing together at the game. Thank goodness for the ipad and stickers! Michele was sweet to think of us...she brought me a goodie bag of "American" things she got at the commissary on base. Thanks again Michele!