Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Weekend in Sapporo!

We had a busy weekend last weekend in Sapporo! On Saturday night it was the Summer Festival at the Sapporo Dome. Not really sure what it meant, but I think maybe it was to celebrate the end of summer. The school children started back to school Monday. They had off only 3 weeks for summer break! Can you imagine? They do get a winter break here because of the snow, so the summer one isn't that long. One of the Japanese player's wives, Megumi, bought Addyson a "Yukata" (summer kimono) to wear to the game that night. She's so sweet and Addyson adores her. So, Addyson and Megumi wore their "Yukata's" to the game. So fun!

On Sunday, Megumi and her husband, Atsushi, invited us to go to dinner. They wanted to take us to an authentic Japanese restaurant. It's sad to say we haven't actually been to an "Japanese" restaurant since we've been here! We've been to Korean bbq, a crab place, chinese, etc. but not to a place that serves authentic "Japanese" food. So we were excited...and a little nervous! They like to eat many, many things raw! We went to a place called Shabu Shabu. Google it when you have time. It's very neat. Basically in the center of your table is a boiling pot of hot water. You order different meats and cook it yourself. The tradition is to stick the meat in the pot and say, "Shabu Shabu" and then your meat is done. It's sliced very thin, so it doesn't take long to cook, but I left mine in just a little longer than that! We met the owner...so nice. He has had this restaurant for 35 years! He said the meat that has kept him in business was RAM...yes as in goat. I tried it and it was pretty tasty. My mind kept telling me not to like it, but when I dipped it in the sauce, it just tasted like beef to me! They brought us all kinds of different foods...fried shrimp, corn dogs, crab legs, meat to cook ourselves, plates of already cooked steak, fruit, rice, noodles, dessert....we ate until we couldn't eat anymore. Everything was so delicious. They even walked downstairs to a McDonald's and brought Addyson a cheeseburger and french fries. Super nice. We will be going back soon!
We are loving our time in Japan, but also long to see our families and get back to the USA. We are trying to make the most of our experience! We know we are very lucky to be living the life we are, so trying to be humble! Although, I would LOVE to walk through a Target and go to ChickfilA!!! Soon, very soon!!!!!