Sunday, September 18, 2011

September in Sapporo

Addyson and I went on our last "regular" season road trip last week. Depending on playoffs, we may go again, but we are staying in Sapporo until then! The season is finally winding down. It's gone by fast, but then again it feels like we've been away from home FOREVER. So ready to get back to our friends and families! We flew to Sendai, where the tsunami hit after the earthquake in March, first. WOW. The devastation is unbelievable. I tried to take some pictures, but we were on a bus, so they didn't turn out. But, pictures wouldn't even begin to tell the story. So incredibly sad. We saw people in fields working, trying to get their crops ready to grow again. Please pray for these people...they lost everything it looked like. Sad, sad.

On a lighter note, we got to go to an Anpanman museum that wasn't far from our hotel in Sendai. Anpanman is one of the most popular cartoon characters in Japan. We've never seen the show and if we had, we wouldn't know what they were saying. One of the other American players families just got here, so it was a girls trip! Addyson and Teagan had so much fun!

After a few games in Sendai, we took the bullet train to Tokyo. We had an off day, so we got to spend the whole day with Micah. Those are rare around here! Poor thing asks every morning when she wakes up if Daddy is home or not. We know this won't last forever, so we are loving it now! They just opened up an indoor play area right next to the Tokyo Dome Hotel, where we stay, so we went there for a little while on the off day. It was the neatest play area we've been to since we've been in Japan. Texas needs to take note! So nice and so clean! Of course you have to take your shoes off when you a lot of places here. So when you have to go to the bathroom, they provide slippers by the door to slip on so you don't go in there barefoot. Can you imagine this in America? It would NEVER fly! Addyson had a ball playing with her daddy. We had lunch at Hard Rock and dinner at the Sizzler, so the day was PERFECT!

For some reason it isn't letting me upload photos, so I will try and upload some in another post! SORRY!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Weekend in Sapporo!

We had a busy weekend last weekend in Sapporo! On Saturday night it was the Summer Festival at the Sapporo Dome. Not really sure what it meant, but I think maybe it was to celebrate the end of summer. The school children started back to school Monday. They had off only 3 weeks for summer break! Can you imagine? They do get a winter break here because of the snow, so the summer one isn't that long. One of the Japanese player's wives, Megumi, bought Addyson a "Yukata" (summer kimono) to wear to the game that night. She's so sweet and Addyson adores her. So, Addyson and Megumi wore their "Yukata's" to the game. So fun!

On Sunday, Megumi and her husband, Atsushi, invited us to go to dinner. They wanted to take us to an authentic Japanese restaurant. It's sad to say we haven't actually been to an "Japanese" restaurant since we've been here! We've been to Korean bbq, a crab place, chinese, etc. but not to a place that serves authentic "Japanese" food. So we were excited...and a little nervous! They like to eat many, many things raw! We went to a place called Shabu Shabu. Google it when you have time. It's very neat. Basically in the center of your table is a boiling pot of hot water. You order different meats and cook it yourself. The tradition is to stick the meat in the pot and say, "Shabu Shabu" and then your meat is done. It's sliced very thin, so it doesn't take long to cook, but I left mine in just a little longer than that! We met the nice. He has had this restaurant for 35 years! He said the meat that has kept him in business was RAM...yes as in goat. I tried it and it was pretty tasty. My mind kept telling me not to like it, but when I dipped it in the sauce, it just tasted like beef to me! They brought us all kinds of different foods...fried shrimp, corn dogs, crab legs, meat to cook ourselves, plates of already cooked steak, fruit, rice, noodles, dessert....we ate until we couldn't eat anymore. Everything was so delicious. They even walked downstairs to a McDonald's and brought Addyson a cheeseburger and french fries. Super nice. We will be going back soon!
We are loving our time in Japan, but also long to see our families and get back to the USA. We are trying to make the most of our experience! We know we are very lucky to be living the life we are, so trying to be humble! Although, I would LOVE to walk through a Target and go to ChickfilA!!! Soon, very soon!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Disney Sea and Tokyo Disney

We ended the day before the All Star Break in Tokyo. Micah had two days off before 3 practice days started, so we went to Chiba and took Addyson to Disney Sea and Tokyo Disney. Disney Sea is a lot like Disney, but the lands are based on water themes. It was very cool. Mermaid Lagoon was Addyson's favorite. We stayed all day, both days, and ended them both at Outback Steakhouse. YUMMO! We never go to Outback in the states, but we go every chance we can in Japan. There is nothing remotely close by to us, so if we are in a city that has a Hard Rock or Outback, you know where to find us!

Go Fighters!

The Nippon-ham Fighters are playing some really good baseball. We are in second place as we speak. Addyson loves the games and asks everyday if we are going to the ball game. It's all she's known her whole life! I'm glad she likes it. She can sit through the whole thing, well, not sit for the most part, but you know what I mean. Thank goodness for the ipad! Here a some pics of our time at the Sapporo Dome!

Gran and Poppy's Summer Visit!

Yay for more visitors! Gran and Poppy came for a visit. Addyson and I rode the train to the airport to surprise them. They thought they were just going to take a cab and come to our apartment. But, SURPRISE. We were there when they landed. SO FUN!
We had such a fun time while they were here. The 12 days went by WAY too fast. We went to the temple behind our house, the park, the zoo, the grocery store everyday!, a few baseball games, and then we got to take them to Tokyo and watch a couple of games before they flew out. Addyson loved every minute of it...and so did I! It's hard being so far away. They came bearing lots of goodies and I mean LOTS. I won't post the picture of all the food they brought. It's kind of embarassing. Seriously. Here are some pics of their visit.
They say they aren't coming back to Japan, but we will see if they can go four months without seeing Addyson. Micah and I know they don't care if they see us! HA! The four months will fly by...or that's what I'm telling myself.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

11 day road trip

We just got home a week ago from a LONG road trip. Micah had several days off because they had scheduled some days to make up for any rainouts we might have had. We didn't have to make up any games, so he had off days and a few practice days. The only problem was they would be having them out of town in Fukuoka, so Addyson and I flew and met him in Hiroshima first. We didn't have time to go to the Hiroshima museum together, but Addyson and I walked over one morning. I had to rush through because of her, but what I saw was so sad and devastating and I felt so awkward being there as the only American. I'm glad to say I've seen it though. What a piece of history.
When we were done in Hiroshima, we took the bullet train to Fukuoka. That's where we spent the off days. It's a neat city and it has a Hard Rock Cafe, so we ate there A LOT! So good to have some American food. Yum. We took Addyson to an aquarium that was close by. She had a blast. We fed the sea lions with chopsticks. Yes, chopsticks. Even their animals eat with them! HA! We watched a dolphin and sea lion show that was narrated in, what else, Japanese. We enjoyed it anyway.
We also spent some time at an outlet mall! Imagine that! It's amazing how much Japan caters to children. I mean most places, even the train stations, have nursing rooms, little toilets for children, and seats in the individual stalls for children to sit in. Every mall we've been to has some kind of indoor play area for kids to play in. Some are free and some cost 500 yen, which is about $5.00. It's so nice. So I shopped and Micah and Addyson played. Perfect if you ask me!We had a really good time, but so glad to be home. Micah left on Friday morning for a week or so, but we stayed here. I'm glad to be out of a hotel and get on a normal routine for a little bit. We are anxiously awaiting Gran and Poppy's arrival on Saturday night. We are really enjoying our time here and making the most of our experience, but we are missing "home" like crazy. Addyson said the other night, "Remember my white dog I have at my other home." I nearly cried! Poor thing. So guess what? Gran and Poppy will be bringing that STUFFED white dog in their suitcase!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nana comes to Sapporo!

After spending a few days in Tokyo, we all flew back to Sapporo with Nana in tow. We were excited to get her here to see our place, etc. Sapporo is very different than Tokyo. Less crowded and much slower paced. Thank goodness. Tokyo is crazy. Since we've been back in Sapporo we have gone to the zoo, the indoor playground, Sapporo Station to shop, baseball games of course, and a Korean BBQ place (you cook your own food at a grill in the center of your table.) We also rode a horse carriage around downtown Sapporo. Addyson had a ball. It's been fun showing Jane Japan. She leaves Friday headed to America and Addyson and I fly to meet Micah in Hiroshima. We've loved having her here! Going to miss her!