Sunday, July 3, 2011

11 day road trip

We just got home a week ago from a LONG road trip. Micah had several days off because they had scheduled some days to make up for any rainouts we might have had. We didn't have to make up any games, so he had off days and a few practice days. The only problem was they would be having them out of town in Fukuoka, so Addyson and I flew and met him in Hiroshima first. We didn't have time to go to the Hiroshima museum together, but Addyson and I walked over one morning. I had to rush through because of her, but what I saw was so sad and devastating and I felt so awkward being there as the only American. I'm glad to say I've seen it though. What a piece of history.
When we were done in Hiroshima, we took the bullet train to Fukuoka. That's where we spent the off days. It's a neat city and it has a Hard Rock Cafe, so we ate there A LOT! So good to have some American food. Yum. We took Addyson to an aquarium that was close by. She had a blast. We fed the sea lions with chopsticks. Yes, chopsticks. Even their animals eat with them! HA! We watched a dolphin and sea lion show that was narrated in, what else, Japanese. We enjoyed it anyway.
We also spent some time at an outlet mall! Imagine that! It's amazing how much Japan caters to children. I mean most places, even the train stations, have nursing rooms, little toilets for children, and seats in the individual stalls for children to sit in. Every mall we've been to has some kind of indoor play area for kids to play in. Some are free and some cost 500 yen, which is about $5.00. It's so nice. So I shopped and Micah and Addyson played. Perfect if you ask me!We had a really good time, but so glad to be home. Micah left on Friday morning for a week or so, but we stayed here. I'm glad to be out of a hotel and get on a normal routine for a little bit. We are anxiously awaiting Gran and Poppy's arrival on Saturday night. We are really enjoying our time here and making the most of our experience, but we are missing "home" like crazy. Addyson said the other night, "Remember my white dog I have at my other home." I nearly cried! Poor thing. So guess what? Gran and Poppy will be bringing that STUFFED white dog in their suitcase!

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  1. So happy you are making the most out of this experience. You all look so happy and healthy!! The white dog story made me cry. Glad that it's coming to Japan. Miss you guys. Love you all. Margaret and Ryne