Friday, April 29, 2011

Road Trip to Kobe!

We went with Micah on another road trip to Kobe, Japan. It's a beautiful city. The weather didn't cooperate very well, but we did have one beautiful day that we got to go to the zoo. We also had a visitor. Mr. James Speer, from Carthage, came to visit on his way home from doing a Christian camp in the Philippines. We were SOOOO glad to see a familiar face from back home. He got to see Micah play two games and we all got to ride a gondola above an herb garden. It was beautiful.
On Good Friday, we got to see our friends, Matt and Stefani Murton and their two kids Micah and Macie. It's been almost 2 years since we last saw each other. Micah and Matt played together in the Cubs organization. They are so special to us. Like Stefani said on her blog "In baseball you meet some families that you will keep in touch with forever and they are one of those families!!" we feel the same way. When we were throwing the idea around about coming to Japan, Stefani is the first person I talked to. They played here last year so I knew I could trust her with all my questions and concerns. Of course, the team we are on is as far north in Japan as you can get and they are in southern Japan! What luck! :) HA! That's baseball for you! The kids had fun playing together at lunch and we hope to see them again soon!

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