Saturday, April 9, 2011

Road Trip to Fukuoka!

We went to Fukuoka on Daddy's first road trip since we've been here. We were so excited because they had a Mexican food restaurant and a Hard Rock Cafe! WHOOHOO! We have nothing like that in Sapporo, so we were so happy to eat something that reminded us of "home." Addyson ate the cheese quesadilla like someone was going to take it from her. Ha! Yay for quesadillas and yay for friends! This is Addyson's friend Teagan. They LOVE each other. So funny. Here the girls are at Hard Rock Cafe! You can see their excitement! I was just as excited, if not more!
One night when Micah was finished with the game, we went BACK to Hard Rock and ate and then let Addyson play in a play area that was in an arcade. So cool. Wish the states had stuff like this for kids. The arcade is in the mall, so it's perfect for moms, dads, and kids! Micah and Addyson played, and I went to GAP. YEAH!Our last night in Fukuoka, we went to Canal City and walked around the mall, ate Chinese food, and rode the Carousel. So fun.
We flew out yesterday about noon. Addyson didn't nap on the plane so she was exhausted last night. Micah went to lay her down and decided to lay her in the bed with him. In 15 minutes he came to get me and this was how Addyson was. Anyone that knows us, knows that Addyson has to be in her bed to fall asleep by herself because if she's with us in the bed she thinks it's play time! Not last night! The road trip wore her out!

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